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What sets Mecmar apart?

Mecmar's outstanding levels of durability, reliability and performance.

At McArthur Agriculture we believe the Mecmar drier is the leading batch grain drier on the market.

mecmar site planning

Site planning

Good positioning of the Mecmar grain drier on the farm will minimise re-handling, reduce management time and maximise throughput.

Loading options

There are a wide range of filing options for Mecmar grain driers. The loading augers and hoppers on the Mecmar drier can be customised to suit.

Emptying options

Mecmar grain driers have a range of emptying options. Careful consideration of how the grain drier will be emptied will minimise the re-handling of dry grain.

Why Mecmar driers?


Mecmar grain driers are designed and built to last.


Built with many features to minimise 'down time'.


In all weathers, you need a drier that is at its best.


Reducing input for unprecedented level of economy.


How they work

See an overview of how Mecmar batch driers work to deliver their unique benefits.

Explore the range

Mecmar has the most comprehensive range of models and features available on the market.
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Our qualified Mecmar aftersales team work closely with you and the customer to ensure your grain drier delivers the very best results. Working side by side with you to maintain the functionality you need to deliver an excellent return on your investment.


Talk to McArthur Agriculture

McArthur Agriculture are the sole UK importer of Mecmar grain driers. For further information or to arrange a site survey, contact us today.

Used driers

Our used mobile grain driers have undergone a comprehensive inspection and are tested and setup ready for work by McArthur Agriculture technicians.

Where it all began

Manufactured since the late 1970s, the factory's core design principle is to constantly improve durability, reliability and versatility.

We are McArthur Agriculture

We continue to work hard to establish an outstanding team of people, a team that excels for our customers, so customers can depend on McArthur Agriculture.

Our team includes engineers, technicians, and administrators with years of experience from a range of industries. Each bring a unique set of valuable skills that ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations.


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