Aftersales for Mobile Grain Dryers

Once a new Mecmar grain dryer is sold our job is just starting. McArthur Agriculture are the UK’s only dedicated mobile grain dryer specialists. When you buy a mobile grain dryer we want you to have the confidence that our years of technical and practical expertise stand behind you. McArthur Agriculture offer aftersales for mobile grain dryers, including a pre-harvest service, parts, and breakdown service.

Service & Maintenance


A pre-harvest service is the best way to ensure against unexpected problems when you least need them.A comprehensive inspection is completed before harvest by a McArthur Agriculture technician at a fixed cost including preventative maintenance and lubricant top-ups.Any potential problems can be identified and additional repair work undertaken ensuring the machine runs reliably throughout harvest.

Recommended maximum service interval: 200 burner hours


When you haven’t run your Mecmar since the previous year you may want a McArthur Agriculture technician to check your drier burner setup and calibration. A thorough check on the burner and control system at a fixed price will ensure that everything is correctly set and ready for harvest.

Recommended service interval: annually


Knowing how to operate, maintain and complete basic troubleshooting on the Mecmar goes a long way towards safe, reliable and cost effective performance. If the drier has a new operator for the upcoming harvest a short refresher training course can prevent many problems.


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McArthur Agriculture hold a comprehensive supply of parts in the UK for Mecmar grain drier’s of all ages that can be delivered fast.With parts support enabling you to correctly identify and easily fit replacement parts downtime is kept to a minimum. In addition to the parts store our service vehicles carry extensive inventory to ensure that we have what you need first time.

 Aftersales for mobile grain dryers - wearing parts


 Aftersales for mobile grain dryers - machined parts


 Aftersales for mobile grain dryers - power transit


 Aftersales for mobile grain dryers - electrical components


Breakdown Service

Our technicians are Mecmar trained and work full time on mobile grain driers, they are committed to keeping your grain drier working and take pride in delivering an excellent service. Initial support, troubleshooting and fault identification will be undertaken over the telephone with the drier operator. Where on farm repairs are required a McArthur Agriculture technician will be scheduled to complete repairs promptly.

We take the responsibility of keeping our equipment running very seriously.