BoMill TriQ

The BoMill TriQ’s patented grain quality sorting technology unlocks the hidden value in your grain. It is possible to accurately sort individual  grains by internal properties including protein content, falling number, fusarium and seed vigor.

This technology allows businesses to develop as they unlock the hidden value in their commodities through better management of grain quality variation. The BoMill TriQ grain handling equipment can be used at any stage of the supply chain from farm, to grain stores, to grain processors. Enabling you to take advantage of the natural variability in grain and get maximum value out of the harvest.


 BoMill TriQ Installation


 BoMill TriQ grains

grains in triq drum

 BoMill TriQ control panel

Simple operation and control

How the BoMill TriQ works

What BoMill can do for you

detect fusarium infected kernels before visible to optical sorters

predict and sort individual kernels by protein content

sort seed according to its relative quality in a unit or batch

Reasons to choose BoMill

Improve product quality and business profitability

Unlock the value in your grain and maximise business efficiency

Achieve this with a single simple operation

BoMill TriQ

Learn more about how the unique BoMill single kernel sorting technology can benefit your business. Contact us today to organise a demonstration sort.