Grain Drying Silos

McArthur Agriculture

McArthur Agriculture are delighted to be a UK supplier for Sukup Europe, delivering grain drying silos that are known for their quality, strength and efficiency.


Grain drying silos offer an unmatched combination of functionality and value and are in many cases are a preferable alternative to new grain storage buildings with integrated grain drying floors. If you are considering new grain storage and drying infrastructure for your farm this is an option that needs serious consideration.

The grain drying silos store grain up to 7.5m deep in outdoor storage bins and the drying process must start as soon as an even grain layer 0.5-1m covers the floor of the silo. Warm air is then introduced through the fully perforated floor with the lowest grain layer being dried by the constantly stirring 2 – 5 vertical stirring augers mounted on the horizontal cross-tube. The airflow through the grain is increased by up to 33% because of this stirring, avoiding wet spots in the grain.

Uniform drying of the entire contents of the grain drying silo is achieved by the action of the vertical augers stirring back and forth along the horizontal cross-tube, which slowly rotates around the silo. As this rotates around the grain drier horizontally, it forces the augers down to move in and out on the cross-tube, bringing the dried grain from the bottom of the silo to the top ensuring a complete mixing of the crop.


Silo Groundworks and Foundations


Silo Erection


Completed Sukup 4808 Drying Silo

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