Grain Drying Floors

The McArthur Agriculture grain drying floor is the product of a partnership between McArthur Agriculture and timber construction specialist Foers Contracts. In the right situation a grain drying floor will be an effective investment in your grain drying and storage capability. There are six crucial factors that set apart our grain drying floor.

Zero Hassle at Harvest

A McArthur Agriculture grain drying floor can be filled as quickly as the grain comes off the combine. A well designed installation can dry, cool and store your grain safely until it is sold. No need for re-handling and management time can be kept to a minimum.

Energy Efficient – Cost Effective

Significant energy savings can be achieved through well considered design, specification of the most suitable equipment and intelligent electrical control.

 Grain Drying Floors

Highly efficient fans

 Special Projects Grain Turnkey Colour Sorter

Active control

 Aerodynamic design

Aerodynamic Design

Straight-forward Operation

Filling a grain drying floor is as simple as emptying the grain trailer. An automatic control panel with operations for remote monitoring and control make drying and conditioning crop on a grain drying floor a straightforward task that can be completed from anywhere.

Durable Construction

High specification timber products assembled by highly experienced joinery teams ensure maximum service life.

 Keruning Hardwood top boards

Keruing Top Boards

 hardwood faced ply main air duct

Hardwood faced ply

 Heavy duty structural frame

heavy duty frame

Simply Reliable

McArthur Agriculture grain drying floors are constructed from quality materials by expert joiners. There are few moving parts and maintenance is simple resulting in a reliable system for the long term.

Bespoke Design

Each McArthur Agriculture grain drying floor is designed specifically for each building and situation. A wide range of options and equipment are available to meet your sites needs.

 Internal Fan House

Internal Fan House

 Grain Drying Floors

Clean Out Hatches

 Grain Drying Floors

Flexible layout

 Use for other drying applications

alternative drying applications