Continuous Flow Grain Driers

McArthur Agriculture install the Perry of Oakley continuous flow grain drier. There are six crucial factors that set the Perry continuous flow grain drier apart. In a well designed system the Perry continuous flow grain drier supported by McArthur Agriculture will maximise the return on your investment in grain drying infrastructure.

Massive Productivity

The Perry continuous flow grain driers allows you to immediately dry your crops, independently of weather conditions, at the rate they come off the combine. A well designed installation will make drying vast tonnages, for months on end, simple.

Exceptional Performance

Perry’s purpose built R&D drier and a dedicated UK based design team work to constantly improve and optimise design, delivering lower operating costs and improved performance.

 Optimised furnace design

Optimised furnace design

 Ledge Free grain column

Ledge free grain column

 Continuous Flow Grain Driers

Tapered ducts through air column

Advanced Control

The Perry continuous flow grain drier features an industry leading control panel including an intuitive touchscreen interface. Alongside this the plant can also be monitored remotely via an app, helping you get the best from the equipment.

Uncompromising Strength

Manufactured in the UK from high quality galvanised steel, using the latest manufacturing methods. The Perry continuous flow drier is built to maximise service life.

 Continuous Flow Grain Driers

2mm thick grain column

 Continuous Flow Grain Driers

Fully galvanised construction

 Continuous Flow Grain Driers

Conforms to BS6399 and BS5950

Reliability Built in

Quality components and careful design ensures the Perry operates reliably in even the most challenging conditions. The equipment is supported by dedicated technical support engineers. The remote assistance option even allows engineers to monitor your drier live.

Innovative Design

Perry of Oakley has manufactured grain driers in the UK since 1954. The driers have been continuously developed to meet the particular requirements of British and Irish farmers including many unique and customer designed features.

 Continuous Flow Grain Driers

Centrikleen dust collection

 Grain Storage

Light Chaff and grain recovery system

 Grain Hoppers

Exhaust plenum bypass doors

 Continuous Flow Grain Driers

Dual column driers