Continuous Flow Grain Driers

McArthur Agriculture install continuous flow grain drier made by Europes leading manufacturers. Continuous flow grain driers offer huge productivity with assured results. McArthur Agriculture will discuss your requirements and propose the most suitable equipment for your business. Ensuring we can deliver outstanding value to you along with a strong return on your investment.

Massive Productivity

A continuous flow grain driers allows you to immediately dry your crops, independently of weather conditions, at the rate they come off the combine. A well designed installation will make drying vast tonnages, for months on end, simple.

Exceptional Performance

With the ability to specify equipment from a range of manufacturers we can make sure you get the right equipment for you business. Expertly designed, integrated and installed by our experienced team.

 Optimised furnace design

Optimised furnace design

 Ledge Free grain column

Ledge free grain column

 Continuous Flow Grain Driers

Tapered ducts through air column

Advanced Control

Modern control systems may include intuitive touchscreen interfaces, remote monitoring and access and innovative sensing and detection equipment. Helping your equipment run as efficiently as possible.

Uncompromising Strength

All product we supply are manufactured to the highest standard and we will help you understand the durability and service life you can expect to get from your equipment. Each manufacturer has its own unique strengths, with our experienced team we will ensure you get the right equipment for the job.

Dual Flow Driers

Tower Driers

 Continuous Flow Grain Driers

Mixed Flow Driers

Reliability Built in

Careful specification, design and integration by McArthur Agriculture’s experienced engineering team ensures your equipment will operate reliably in even the most challenging conditions. McArthur Agriculture has the country’s largest team of dedicated grain drier technicians to keep your equipment in service.