Grain Dehullers

McArthur Agriculture

McArthur Agriculture is the exclusive UK distributor for JK Machinery’s extensive range of grain dehullers. We work closely with JK Machinery to ensure customers add maximum value to their grain dehulling and grain processing operations.


JHC Impact Dehullers

JHC Impact grain dehullers are used to dehull seeds with hard shells, such as cereals and oilseeds. Hulls are separated during impact with interchangeable impact discs making the JHC Impact dehuller one of the most adaptable grain dehullers on the market.

JHC Compact Dehullers

The JHC Compact grain dehuller is designed for cereal dehulling such as spelt, einkorn wheat, oats and much more. With low power consumption and easy adjustment of the dehulling intensity, this compact grain dehuller packs a mighty punch for its small size and compact disposition.

JHD Disc Dehullers

The JHD Disc grain dehuller peels seeds effortlessly between a vertically sliding static disc and rotating disc located on rolling bearings with high load-bearing capacity. The easily adjusted milling rift and peeling intensity set the grain dehuller up for optimal peeling minimising damage to grain.


Impact Dehullers


Compact Dehullers


Disc Dehullers

JHP Horizontal Peeling Machines

JHP Horizontal Peeling Machines are a grain dehuller designed for surface cleaning and the peeling of cereals and legumes before further processing. The JHP Horizontal Peeling Machine grain dehuller is gentle on grain and has an easily adjustable level of peeling intensity.

JHS Horizontal Scourers

A robust grain dehuller designed for surface cleaning and hulling of legumes or cereals before further processing. Efficiency is at the forefront of this grain dehuller with the ability for a sparing effect on grain, small size and compact disposition and dust-free operation.


Horizontal peeling Machines


Horizontal Scourers

 Compact Grain Dehuller

Compact Grain Dehuller

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