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McArthur Agriculture is the exclusive UK distributor for JK Machinery’s accomplished range of grain cleaning equipment. For over thirty years JK Machinery have advanced their grain cleaning products, working alongside their customers in industries such as agricultural, feed and food processing to ensure customer satisfaction is at the forefront.

JCM Modular Cleaner VibroMAX

JCM Modular Cleaners VibroMAX are designed for pre-cleaning, grain cleaning and fine grading of all agricultural crops from any impurities and admixtures. The product is separated based on different particle size and aerodynamic properties. It comes packed with heaps of refined benefits such as compact arrangement, low power consumption, one-person sieve changes for optimal efficiency.

JCC Cleaners VibroCompact

JCC grain cleaners are designed to clean all kinds of cereals and other crops, small seeds, dried herbs, spices, tobacco or salt. The VibroCompact is a high capacity machine with a compact construction that has been produced with the ability to clean all parts that encounter the sorted product, making this an ideal grain cleaner for post-harvest on smaller farms.

JCR Air-Sieve Classifiers

If you are looking for grain cleaning that gently cleans material with a usual purity level of 99.5% or above, then the JCC Air-Sieve Classifiers will fit the bill. This grain cleaner is designed for cleaning, grading and calibration of seeds. The JCR Air-Sieve Classifier comes with easy installation, commissioning and operation, low energy consumption and so much more.

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JCM Modular Cleaner VibroMAX

 vibrocompact cleaners block

JCC Cleaners VibroCompact

 air sieve classifiers block

JCR Air-Sieve Classifiers

JGT Gravity Tables

JGT Gravity Tables are designed with outstanding technology for grain cleaning and sorting of materials with the same grain size, but with different specific weights and are most often used for the grain cleaning for seed. The Dynamic balanced vibrating drive minimises dynamic loads to support structure and boasts quiet operation, easy and precise adjustment and more.

JGC Gravity Concentrators

Built with remarkable efficiency in a compact construction with small dimensions, the JGC Gravity Concentrator is a flagship model for grain cleaning. Designed to divide base material flow into two fractions – light and heavy, the JGC Gravity Concentrator can adjust sieve inclination, amplitude of vibration, angle of particles thrown and amount of exhaust air according to the input material.

JGD Destoners

With the final product usually being above a purity level of 99.9% of separable impurities and admixtures after grain cleaning, the JGD Destoner works effortlessly to remove heavy impurities such as stones and sand from the main flow of grain based on different specific weight of both factions. With a dust-free operation and minimal maintenance required, grain cleaning for seed has never been so simple.

JCT Indented Cylinders

JCT Indented Cylinders are designed for separation of impurities and admixtures, which has a different grain shape (length) from the main material flow whilst grain cleaning, giving easy adjustment at different grain variety, robust construction with operational reliability.


JGT Gravity Tables


JGC Gravity Concentrators


JGD Destoners

Why Grain Cooling Is Important

Once grain is dry temperatures must be reduced as quickly as possible to avoid spoilage. The main causes of spoilage in stored grain are fungi, insects and mites. Temperatures above 15°C increase the risk of insect and mite populations developing.The HGCA Grain storage guide advises grain cooling should commence as soon as the grain comes into store.

GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling units can cool crop to below 12°C in a matter of days independently of weather conditions.

Complete Control

The GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling units refrigeration and dehumidification technology ensure that grain stored in a silo or on a ventilated floor can be cooled to below 12°C regardless of weather conditions.

Eliminate Risk

Prompt cooling protects against development of insects, microbes and fungi. Once the crop is cool it remains cool ensuring long term storage without quality losses.

Cost Effective

When a GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling unit is used no costly expenditure on fumigation or other chemical treatments is required, drying costs are reduced and respiratory.

For an in-depth examination of the science and economics download the brochure here Download

Do You Meet HGCA Cooling Guidelines?

Grain Cooling Targets

Within 2 weeks Cool to below 15°C To prevent saw-toothed grain beetles completing their life cycle
Within 3-4 months Cool to below 12°C To prevent grain weevils completing their life cycle
By end-December Cool to below 5°C (except malting barley) To kill surviving insects and prevent mites increasing

Download the full HGCA Grain storage guide for cereals and oilseeds here Download


The GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling units are manufactured in Germany by refrigeration specialists FrigorTec. They have been manufactured since 1963. Years of research and development into the equipment and its application has made FrigorTec an authority on long-term risk free crop storage across the world.

For specification and details of the GRANIFRIGOR™ range of grain cooling units download the brochure here Download

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