Cleaning & Sorting

McArthur Agriculture will work with the customer to ensure maximum return on investment.

As the exclusive UK distributor for BoMill and the extensive range of JK Machinery grain cleaning and grain sorting equipment, McArthur Agriculture can supply machinery to fit your specifications exactly.

Browse our grain cleaning and sorting solutions below for more information. If you have any questions or are unsure which option is best for you, enquire using our contact form or call us today.

Grain cleaning equipment
Grain sorting machine

Grain Cleaning Equipment

JK Machinery offers unmatched value across the range of compact cleaning, sorting and dehulling equipment. They have spent over thirty years developing their products, working closely with customers to provide machinery that matches the individual application.

Colour sorting/ optical sorting equipment
Colour sorting machine

Colour Sorting / Optical Sorting

Optical sorting/colour sorting is a vital tool for enhanced product quality, we offer a wide range of colour sorting machinery that uses precise colour and shape recognition technology to increase product quality.

Grain dehuller equipment
Grain dehuller icon

Grain Dehullers

We offer a wide range of Grain Dehullers which you can tailor to your own product. Loosen and remove the hull with mechanical treatments or add a hull control system to further increase process efficiency.

Grain sorting equipment
Grain sorting machine

BoMill Grain Sorting

The BoMill TriQ’s patented quality grain sorting technology sorts individual grain kernels by internal properties including protein and fusarium. It has a grain sorting speed of up to three metric tonnes per hour and has a modular design ensuring easy installation.