The economics of powering a mobile batch grain drier

The economics of powering a mobile batch grain drier

After a question I was asked today I have decided to breifly make a relevent digression from my two part posting on assessing fuel options for mobile batch drier. This post will quickly address the operational cost of powering a drier. The post will concentrate on comparing the cost of running a PTO drier driven by a tractor and an electric drier powered by a three phase power system.

As with all the main decisions surrounding selection of the most suitable mobile batch grain drier there is no clear cut answer. Each grain drier has its own advantages, a PTO drier is robust, flexible and easily transported, an electric drier is quiet, doesn’t tie up a tractor and has the option of grain drier automation. With each machine offering different advantages economics can often be the clincher.


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09 September 2020 John McArthur News