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Return on Investment from Mecmar Mobile Driers

There may be many factors in the coming year that will affect your farm business. CAP reform, changeable commodity prices and the weather to name an obvious few.

Controlling these factors is beyond the power of the individual farm or cooperative. However, there are many activities that ensure your business is prepared for these changing times. At Mecmar we believe that one key element of a robust business is ensuring that the maximum value is added to your crop through on-farm grain drying.

Investing during good times will strengthen your business and prepare it for whatever the future holds. On-farm grain drying capacity can offer increased returns regardless of uncontrollable global market forces. It provides an invaluable and dependable return on investment for your farm.

The key to maximising return on investment for grain drying equipment is the machines operational design life. Mecmar grain driers have many engineering features that ensure durability and long-term performance. These include extensive structural galvanising, reinforced auger flights and industrially specified wearing parts.

All these elements ensure an extended service life. When investing in mobile grain driers, the longer the machines operational life the greater the return on the investment.

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