Mobile Batch Grain Drier Options

Mobile Batch Grain Drier Options

When researching mobile batch grain drier options we always recommend comparison of drier output, for example tonnes per hour or tonnes per day. Comparision of grain driers with the same batch capacity does not accurately indicate how many tonnes of product the machine can dry in a given period of time.

The problem of comparing outputs of batch grain driers is there are many variables affecting the output figure.  To ensure an accurate comparison of mobile batch grain drier outputs these variables need to be constant. This series of posts will examine the four key issues that affect the output of the drier:

  • The control crop used in the figures
  • The drying phase variables
  • The cooling phase variables
  • Empty and Filling options

At each stage a worked example of how to calculate the output of a mobile batch grain drier will be completed using the Memcar S 55 as an example.

What is the control crop?

Firstly, output is dependent on the crop being dried. Each crop has a different moisture extraction rate at a certain temperature for a given machine, this affects output. In the UK, wheat is generally the control crop used for comparison. Occasionally maize may be used. The moisture extraction rate of different crops varies significantly so output of different crops when all other conditions are constant varies significantly.

Mecmar UK use feed wheat with a specific gravity of 74kg/hal as its control crop for calculating output figures.

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09 September 2020 John McArthur News