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Keeping it Simple With Mecmar Grain Driers

We all know the risk of using fancy gadgets around the farm.

A few things are very important to Mecmar. Driers must be built to last, give years of dependable performance, be designed to have long-term reliability and minimise operating costs.

Nowhere can this be seen clearer than the Standard Automatic control panel. This is now fitted on over 80% of new Mecmar grain driers delivered to the UK and Ireland.


For Mecmar reliability is paramount. The drier must be easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to repair. Driers are used intensively for a very short duration. They often work outside, in an environment of moisture, dust and vibration.

To tackle these challenging conditions Mecmar grain driers use hardwired control panels as standard. This means no PLCs, no touch screens and no other sensitive electronics. Grain drying is a simple process that does not require unnecessary complexity.

Our hardwired control panel is made using high quality but inexpensive components that are reliable in these conditions. If there is a problem a multimeter will get to the bottom of it. No laptops, cables and computer programmers are required. This minimises downtime and the cost relating to a breakdown.


None of this reliability comes at the expense of functionality. The Standard Automatic control panel offers everything you would expect in an automatic grain drier. It can load, dry, cool and unload either continuously; for a preset number of batches or operate manually.

There are also many additional options including text message updates, intelligent cooling and control for additional handling equipment.

As with everything else on the farm, it is about using the right tool for the job.

Author: John McArthur

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14 May 2015 John News