Improving Bushel Weights

Improving Bushel Weights

aspirator cleanerToday there is another article in Farmers Weekly about the ‘bushel weight battle’. Producers are struggling to find outlets for poorer samples with many farms never having experienced such conditions in the past.

Over and above the their primary drying function, Mecmar grain driers will significantly boost bushel weights. This is partly achieved through the removal of the moisture with some farms taking grain down well below the standard 14.5% to hit bushel weight targets. But the principal reason for the increase in bushel weight is due to the abrasion between grains when the crop recirculates having a ‘polishing’ effect. The Mecmar grain drier then constantly removes this debris from the crop through the central auger cleaner and the aspirator cleaner mounted at the top of the central auger.

This harvest has seen driers without the optional aspirator increase bushel weights by between 6-8kg/hl, whilst those with the aspirator have achieved over 10kg/hl in some situations. In many cases this means that premiums are achieved while at the other end of the spectrum it ensures crops are saleable.

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16 November 2012 John McArthur News Tags: , , ,