rollover sheet

Finally! A Rollover Sheet For Your Grain Hopper

There is nothing more annoying than dry(ish) grain waiting in the hopper getting rained on. We have been asked about rollover sheets for our grain hopper for ages. Having looked around for good options we have bitten the bullet and made our own.

The  rollover sheet uses a PVC tarpaulin with three poles. It is wound from the front edge using a long handle and universal joint. It is very quickly rolled up and into the brackets that hold the roll at the rear of the hopper. Covering the hopper is equally quick and easy with the sheet being secured by two ratchets at the front and the sides secured with elastic cord. Have a look at the pictures below. You can see the video on our facebook page too.

This type of rollover sheet is suitable for a 3000 series hopper with a capacity up to 12 tonnes. The next project is to take on a rollover sheet for the taller hoppers and then the 4000 series. The increased height needs a different system so any ideas or pictures will be very welcome!

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