Custom Trailer For Grain Dryer

Custom Trailer For Better Driers

With width and height restrictions, logistics have always been a challenge with the grain driers. In terms of the grain drier, a tall body improves the mixing of the grain. This means even when folded down, to accommodate a suitably sized plenum chamber the driers are too tall to sit on most plant trailers. This has always left options:

  1. Build the driers to dimensions that allow easy transport on standard trailers. This would compromise the performance of the drier in favour of cheaper transport costs.
  2. Invest in means to transport the driers without compromising performance.

The Mecmar is the premium batch grain drier so compromising performance of the machine is out of the question. Instead, McArthur Agriculture decided to invest in a custom build HGV trailer built specifically for transporting driers. We decided to work with agricultural engineers, Vegcraft on the project. Vegcraft are also a family run business and looking at the quality of their custom agricultural trailers at the Royal Highland Show, we were confident they would do a good job. The custom trailer has a main deck running 350mm off the ground and a rear deck running at 780mm. This means all models of Mecmar drier can be transported in tact and upright. Three years on, the custom trailer has enabled us to maintain the quality of the drier whilst preventing disproportionately large transport costs. Vegcraft have certainly built it to last so it has turned out to be a very good investment benefiting McArthur Agriculture and our customers with Mecmar driers.

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