British Farmering Forum focus for agricultural knowledge sharing

British Farmering Forum focus for agricultural knowledge sharing

Traditionally sharing know-how in farming has come a distant second to comparing the size of tackle but, with the rise of forums such as the British Farming Forum this appears to be changing.

Over recent years the BFF has grown into an important focal point for sharing agricultural knowledge. This appears to be another aspect in farmings increasing acceptance of technology in an effort to increase efficiency, improve practises and develop ideas. The BFF facilitates the exchange of a wide range of very practical farmer-to-farmer advice on all aspects of the industry. Sharing information in this way permits knowledge transfer that was not previously possible.

Take, for example, using a grain drier. So far, this August has been a particularly wet, especially in the South and the Midlands. Farms in these areas are generally not accustomed to cutting crops at very high moisture contents. Therefore  they tend to be less prepared and less experienced at having to dry crops from 25%. However, in Aberdeenshire this is almost an annual practise and operators know how to maximise the performance, reliability and durability of thier grain driers. I have read several threads relating to operating mobile grain driers where the information, advice and guidance is passing in a north-south direction.

The BFF is also a great way for us to learn about the performance of our machine

Mecmar 11 ton, 26% to 14.5% @ 4hours 10mins per complete cycle. first year went and bought bigger jets at local heating spares place. second year went and bought bigger still jets. this year runing at 115degrees air temp,50 degrees corn temp,using a hell of a lot of kerosene but doing the job. old massey 165 driving it needs diesel tank refill every 2 loads.

Granted this was probably not the most scientific investigation and we do not know all of the variables at play – what is being dried, age and condition of machine – but it gives a practical indication of the machines performance.

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09 September 2020 John McArthur News