McArthur’s Turnkey Grain Storage Projects

McArthur’s Turnkey Grain Storage Projects

A man with construction experience on the West Coast Main line and the Woolwich Ferry Terminal on the River Thames might seem an unusual choice as Operations Manager for a specialist grain drying firm – but nothing could be further from the truth when that man is James Chappell.

That’s because James is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer who grew up in Yorkshire on a mixed dairy and arable farm.

That special combination of engineering qualifications and a farming background means that, only five months after joining as Operations Manager, James has been able to bring his expertise to bear by completing one turnkey project for a client, and opening discussions about several more.

His job is about making your business better. To ensure you make the most of the grain you grow through processing and storing it effectively. James’ expertise is of enormous value because he can develop a turnkey grain storage project, with a six-year design guarantee, that fits your farm.

“No-one knows better than a farmer the value of the grain he has in store, and the building it’s stored in,” he says. “Together their values run into the hundreds of thousands. That’s why it makes sense to call in specialist help from someone who can specify and create the right kind of building to store a crop in the best possible way, all in one package.”

James understands the view taken by farmers. “They’re all under time pressure to make changes between harvests. Larger businesses may not have the available manpower to do the work; smaller ones may think they are too small for the investment. Involving McArthur Agriculture removes the time pressure, and eases worry, no matter how large or small the farm.

James is neither salesman nor consultant; his work involves elements of both, and his upbringing means he understands farmers and they understand him. “It’s a pleasure to have moved away from the world of mainstream construction, and all the political dimension that went with it. It’s much more fulfilling to work in the agricultural industry helping a family firm to grow by doing the same for others.”

The McArthur philosophy is to offer more than ‘a machine’. Having begun as an agency for the high-quality Mecmar grain driers, the company saw that it could add more value for farmers first by creating integrated systems that fitted each farm. From there it was the logical step to take on responsibility for the design and build of complete projects, and the turnkey offering was born.

The grain drying requirements of one farm might not suit another, says James. “Our experience in upgrading or modifying existing buildings as part of an effective grain drying setup means we can offer design ideas the farmer might not have considered – and in doing so, we can come up with an efficient and cost-effective package.”

Making a living in the farming industry is tough. Says James: “When farmers have worked hard to grow a quality crop they need something to put it in that will keep it that way. Having the guarantee that comes with a McArthur Agriculture turnkey storage solution delivers that – and the peace of mind is priceless.”

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