Isle of Wight Grain Storage

Once grain is dry temperatures must be reduced as quickly as possible to avoid spoilage. Temperatures above 15°C increase the risk of insect and mite populations developing and causing spoilage in stored grain. McArthur Agriculture distribute the FrigorTec GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling units which can cool crop to below 12°C in a matter of days independently of weather conditions.

One company that has benefited from these grain cooling units is Isle of Wight Grain Storage which is run as co-operative storage facility with around 50 members on the island, storing over 15,000 tonnes of combinable crops.

In 2012 Isle of Wight Grain looked at options to improve the facility for long term grain storage. It was decided the best way to reduce the risk of long term grain storage was an investment in a GRANIFRIGOR™ KK 280 AHY grain cooling unit. This replaced the ambient ventilation system ensuring the store achieved HGCA cooling guidelines.

Store manager Pete Thomas explains how the unit is used and its benefits:

“Once a silo is full the cooling unit is connected to the air inlet and blows it until the crop temperature is below 12°C. The unit is then moved and connected to the next silo as required. It takes about 3 days to cool an 800 tonne silo with the unit we have”.

“We have to dry most incoming crops, the crop temperatures off the grain driers are usually over 30°C to maintain the drier output we need. Filling a silo with crop this warm is something in the past we had to try and avoid. Knowing we can do this and get the crop temperature down below 12°C, within 3 days, independently of weather conditions, gives massive peace of mind.”

“Once the silos are cooled, the temperature stays down as the grain is a good insulator. Occasionally we will put the cooling unit back on a silo for a day in the new year if necessary. There have been other operational benefits too, for example we can now keep malting barley for up to a year without loss of quality, in the past it needed to be gone by Christmas.”

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