AM & A Calder Farms case study

Case Study: SSI 28 T Borders AM & A Calder Farms

AM & A Calder Farms
Scottish Borders

– Oilseed rape, malting barley, wheat & pulses –

AM & A Calder Farms replaced a 30 tonne per hour continuous flow grain drier with two Mecmar SSI 28 T mobile grain driers. The system is fully automated, the driers load from individual wet hoppers and unload into one dry silo. The grain is then handled to the grain store or diverted to a trailer.

Using the Mecmar’s ensure that the main investment in the grain drying system has a low depreciation due to the strong resale value of mobile grain driers. They give the farm business greater flexibility as the machines can be renewed, upgraded or relocated as required.

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16 January 2015 effect Case Studies