Mecmar D 24 T

Case Study: Mecmar D 24 T Gloucestershire

Rudgeway Farms

– Oilseed rape, mixed cereals & pulses –

Rudgeway Farms constructed a new grain store including a Mecmar D 24 T mobile grain drier to work alongside older ventilated floor and silo storage. The drier operates in a lean to next to the new store and is linked to the temporary wet store by a 10m trench conveyor. The drier can be unloaded into the grain store or to a trailer.

The Mecmar D 24 T offers another drying and storage option on the farm. It can force dry crops from high moisture contents and significantly improves bushel weights. This capability gives more operational flexibility so the farm can handle more challenging and varied conditions at harvest.

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16 January 2015 effect Case Studies